Pratley "stick with" our whistleblower!

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In a moving, and unusual, occurrence Pratley Engineering South Africa have issued a letter of congratulation to our whistleblowing client Mr Motingoe ahead of the court hearing this Friday 7 August at the Labour Court. The hearing will hopefully confirm that the MEC and HOD of Public Works in the Northern Cape have continually and maliciously been in contempt of court by failing to reinstate him after his brave act of whistleblowing. The private sector have often been silent on the importance of whistleblowing - in spite of the obvious benefits it poses for curbing corruption and risk management, which makes the letter highly unusual. More important, and as our research has comprehensively demonstrated, whistleblowers often travel a lonely and dangerous path while doing the right thing - we welcome all the support we can get for Mr Motingoe along this difficult, but just path!