APAI Victory: one step closer

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- by Gabriella Razzano
ODAC have been involved in the African Platform on Access to Information Working Group for many years. In fact, our Head of Legal - Gabriella Razzano - currently sits as Chairperson of the Group. The Working Group of APAI is a network of civil society organisations that are working on the promotion of access to information in Africa. It was set up in 2009 to develop a platform for joint activities around ATI.

One of the fundamental goals of the group has been for the adoption by UNESCO of a dedicated Right to Information Day (which we currently informally celebrate on 28 September 2015). After significant lobbying efforts by the Group over the last few years, victory is almost in sight. Yesterday the Executive Board of UNESCO adopted a Resolution containing a recommendation to the General Conference to adopt September 28 as International Access to Information Day. You can download a copy of the Resolution here to learn a bit more.

The Resolution will now go before the 38th Session of UNESCO’s General Conference, which will take place in Paris from November 3 to 18, 2015. The adoption seems inevitable at the stage - but is wholly attributable to the fine advocacy work of the Working Group. Congratulations to all involved!