Creating A Culture Of Supporting Whistleblowing

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Do people feel safe to speak up? Is our leadership supportive of our vision of a fair and open society? These questions cut to the core of our prime cause: creating the ideal environment for exposing and managing harmful actions – and protecting those who are brave enough to step forward against these actions. 

Culture of whistleblowing


Your Safety Is Our Priority 

Though it is true that many are discouraged from uttering the first word against unlawful and dangerous actions for fear of being victimised, whistleblowing remains a key means of exposing flaws in the system. The more issues are brought to light, the easier it becomes to identify patterns and pockets of corruption, and then doctor them accordingly.

 The Protected Disclosures Act (PDA) exists to shield whistleblowers from any kind of victimisation, from discrimination to unfair dismissal. We are proud of the fact that the recent positive amendments to the PDA are, in part, the result of over 15 years of advocacy by ODAC.

We have been working tirelessly for many years to fight the stigmas around reporting wrongdoing by providing individuals and organisations with access to the right information, and advocating for best practices. 

The second edition of The Code of Good Practice, our easy-to-follow guide to whistleblowing best practices, includes these new amendments, and covers everything one would need to know in order to safely disclose information, what to consider prior to disclosure, and which steps to take in your pursuit of justice.

 Click here to download The Code of Good Practice for free.

Keeping Whistleblowers Safe In The Workplace

Establishing a safe environment for whistleblowing within an organisation gives rise to many benefits. These include nurturing an open workplace culture that naturally rules out wrongdoing, contributing to effectively handling reported incidents, and improving company performance through learning and honest dialogue. This, however, begins with implementing a detailed and considered whistleblowing policy.

A good employer should always ensure that their employees know which whistleblowing policies have been put in place, and that they are protected by the PDA, and supported by the organisation.

Get In Touch To Drive Change From Within

If you would like to ensure that your company has solid whistleblowing mechanisms in place, or require guidance for making disclosure, please contact ODAC.

Whistleblower Helpline:  0800 52 53 52 (toll-free)

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