Open Democracy Charter

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ODAC has taken the initiative to write an Open Democracy Charter which is aimed at generating a declaration of open governance principles for South Africa. Key stakeholders of government, private sector, academia and civil society were consulted in the drafting process of the Charter, to ensure that the most pertinent issues were highlighted for inclusion. After reflection on those consultations, the following core principles have been developed as enshrining the key components of open governance for any entity:

  1. Right of access
  2. Equal access
  3. Presumption of openness
  4. Proactive disclosure
  5. Quality of information
  6. Active promotion
  7. Quality of service
  8. Access to decision-making
  9. Whistle-blowing
  10. Redress
  11. Investment
  12. Private sector

Here is the full Draft Open Democracy Charter. In preparation for the launch of this Charter, ODAC would like feedback on this principles to ensure the a full consultation process has been facilitated. If you have any feedback on these principles, you can send that feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Full details of the launch event will soon follow.

Open Democracy Charter Papers

ODAC has taken the initiative to write an Open Democracy Charter . In the early stages of its initiation, ODACidentified key areas which would stimulate the discussion on best practices and the way forward in forging a truly open and transparent democratic South Africa. As a result of this, ODAC called for papers from stakeholders on the following.